Take Advantage of the

M-19-21 Directive


Take Advantage of the

M-19-21 Directive

Transitioning to an Electronic Records Platform: Taking Advantage of the M-19-21 Directive

On June 28, 2019, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in conjunction with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) issued M-19-21, Transition to Electronic Records. M-19-21 specifically describes the steps that agencies must take to meet the goal of transitioning business processes and recordkeeping to a fully electronic environment, and end NARA’s acceptance of paper records by December 31, 2022.

Milestones to Compliance

  • December 31, 2022:
  • ✓ All permanent and temporary records will be managed electronically
    ✓ All agencies must close agency-operated records storage facilities and transfer inactive, temporary records to federal Records Centers or commercial records storage facilities

  • January 1, 2023:
  • ✓All transfers of permanent records must be in electronic format

Contract Vehicles

Iron Mountain has an extensive ecosystem of associate companies, both large and small, providing access to various contract vehicles including SEWP, CIO-SP3, and the VA T4NG.

Contact us to learn how you can acquire Iron Mountain Records, Data Management and Document Imaging Services through GSA Schedule 36 Number GS-03F-049GA.

Journey To Digital Transformation

Meeting the requirements of M-19-21 provides an additional challenge to agencies that are constantly grappling with tight budgets as well as adhering to other initiatives. Though the move to a fully electronic government is the ultimate goal, each agency will achieve it on their own unique timeline, likely employing multiple strategies.

The journey for each agency starts by understanding their own current environment and determining the appropriate options that fit their specific needs, budgets, and goals thorough self-assessment. To determine the right path towards compliance, agencies need to think strategically. This includes exploring partnerships with commercial vendors, strategic consultation, physical storage, destruction, and digitization.

How Iron Mountain Can Help

Set A Plan For M-19-21 And Beyond

As the government continues to modernize, agencies are working towards a totally digital environment. NARA and OMB have helped with the initial steps by issuing M-19-21. Agencies have an opportunity to take advantage of this mandate by creating their own unique path that will advance digital transformation efforts and drive efficiencies that deliver significant savings.

Now is the time to develop and implement an M-19-21 plan and move forward with solutions to set up for long-term digital transformation. Iron Mountain is uniquely positioned to support agencies as they develop, implement, and execute their modernization plans.


NARA Storage

  • Beneficial for permanent pre-accessioned records that have short retention period before transition
  • Supports specialized situations where unique NARA records analysis services are required

On-Site Storage

  • Offers absolute, strict control over the use and access of specific sets of records
  • Addresses situation when records are legally required to stay on agency grounds
  • Supports records that are needed on frequent basis by specific agency staff at particular locations

Storage - 3rd Party Vendor

  • Offers localized storage options when specific geographies are needed
  • Provides custom service levels for specialized vital records collections
  • Supports temporary records with legally mandated retention periods and lower activity levels


  • Supports transition from legacy physical records processes to electronic workflows
  • Enables automation and data analytics through digital conversation and metadata capture
  • Provides easier and quicker access to Records that need access by citizens or agencies


  • Ensures collection is in compliance with current retention schedule
  • Eliminates storage need for physical records that have been previously digitized

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